Spectrum Consulting runs a variety of highly customized training programs for start-ups, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and universities.

Our capstone training is the Leadership Development Program. In it we teach targeted business skills as well as broader leadership capabilities to help individuals understand how to capitalize on their strengths and increase their influence within their organization, with clients and beyond. These trainings can manifest in many different ways: breakfast/lunch series, day-long seminars or multi-day sessions.

The “What”

The Leadership Development Program covers three modules: Managing self as a leader; Leading the organization; and Communicating as a leader. Each module includes 3-8 training sessions, which can be mixed and matched depending on client’s needs, budget, and schedule; some can be standalone workshops.

1. Managing self as a leader.

In this module, workshop participants develop self-awareness of their leadership styles, motivators and strengths. This knowledge helps them articulate and manage their unique leadership ‘brand’.

Examples of trainings in this module include:
•  360° assessments
•  professional development plan
•  time management and planning
•  managing stress
•  maintaining high energy
•  emotional intelligence

2. Leading the organization.

To fully reach their potential, one must understand how their leadership style impacts the 360 degrees of influence (staff, peers, supervisors). In addition to developing ‘soft skills,’ this module includes important sessions dedicated to improving specific managerial skills.

Examples of trainings in this module include:
•  delegating work effectively
•  navigating organizational politics
•  managing up
•  building alignment/managing conflict
•  giving and receiving feedback
•  strategic problem solving

3. Communicating as a leader.

One of our guiding principles that we live by daily is, ‘when in doubt, communicate!’ This module teaches the best practices of formal and informal communication.

Examples of trainings in this module include:
•  verbal/non verbal communication styles
•  delivering a clear vision
•  high-impact listening
•  presentation skills
•  influencing skills

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The “How”

We pride ourselves on our ability to customize training programs to fit your team’s exact needs. This means that the skills taught, as well as the case examples used to teach them, are specific to your organization. We generate the trainings in conjunction with members of your organization to assure that the information is delivered in as relevant a manner as possible. There are no abstract or ambiguous lessons. All trainings are pertinent and applicable, tailored specially for your company.

Training will be a combination of interactive teaching, group facilitation and breakout sessions, often followed by one-on-one coaching. There will also be prep work, team assignments and exercises between training sessions that allow participants to apply what they have learned. We also encourage senior leaders of the company to take part in a panel discussion where they can share inspiring stories and best practices as role models to participants of the leadership training.


“Yesterday’s class was excellent, was well-received by the staff and the energy level was high. I think that one of the keys to the success was the preparation time that Shira and Lou [client team leader – SR] spent with a few of us refining the agenda, making it relevant to the work of our office and incorporating examples that fit within our area.”

United Jewish Communities, Washington Office, Consulting 101 Class

In addition to our Leadership Development program, modules can be offered as stand-alone trainings, such as:
•  strategic problem solving skills
•  presentations skills
•  giving and receiving feedback
•  preparing for case interviews

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